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  • The Enormous Benefits Of Learning To Speak Spanish

    The Enormous Benefits Of Learning To Speak Spanish

    Consumers far and wide can benefit enormously, if they just take the time to further their education and knowledge. Of course, delving into a new subject can be difficult. How will you know for sure what subject will be most beneficial? For many people, especially those living in the United States, learning to speak Spanish can be very advantageous. While learning a new language can be very tedious and complicated, it will prove to be well worth it in the long run. Below, you will learn about the vast benefits of learning to speak Spanish fluently.

    Travel Abroad Easier

    Believe it or not, there is an abundance of countries that use Spanish as their official language. Mexico is definitely one of the most notable, but it is simply one of the many. Peru, Argentina, Spain, and Columbia are also countries that have Spanish as the official language. When traveling to a country where the people speak primarily in Spanish, you will have little to no difficulty communicating with these individuals. And, you may even be able to work in one of these countries. If you know how many people in the world speak Spanish, you will be surprised. According to Wiki, there are around 442 millions people speak Spanish!

    Perform Many Good Deeds

    There are many people, who feel unsatisfied with their careers. They would love to be able to engage in something much more meaningful. If you fit into this category, learning Spanish will be perfect for you. Volunteering is a great way to give back and being able to speak Spanish will make it possible to lend your aid in more ways than ever before. If a natural disaster occurs in Mexico or Spain, you will be able to join with others and help the citizens of those countries. And of course, your efforts will be much more effective, since you’ll be able to communicate with the locals fluently.

    Numerous Health Benefits

    While it might not seem like it, learning a new language can actually be good for your health. Learning a second language has been proven to be a good way for fighting off dementia. In fact, expanding your knowledge to include a second language can stave off various cognitive diseases, including Alzheimer’s. According to research, learning a second language may be able to offset Alzheimer’s by approximately 4 years. At the same time, learning to speak Spanish will make it much easier to obtain medical care in a foreign country.

    Some foreign countries offer less expensive medical services than the United States. American residents may find it beneficial to travel abroad to seek medical assistance.

    Expand Your Career Options

    While you’re at it, you should remember that expanding your skills to include a second language will greatly expand your career opportunities. Learning a new language will make it possible to obtain a job in a foreign country. You may be able to travel abroad and begin teaching a language to others. For more information, please see here Or, you may be able to use your respective skills in conjunction with the new language to work abroad. And of course, your new skill will be beneficial at home too.

    It should come as no secret that those capable of speaking multiple languages are generally paid much more than their counterparts. Hospitals, police stations and other similar entities will generally pay their employees more, if they’re capable of communicating in English and Spanish.

    A Big Achievement

    When it comes down to it, learning a new language is a major undertaking. It can be enormously difficult and thoroughly time consuming to sit down and force yourself to learn how to master the Spanish language. Many people feel like underachievers. This can take a toll on their self-esteem and make it fairly difficult for them to get ahead in life. In order to turn this around, it is essential to begin working to achieve big objectives. Learning a new language is most certainly a major achievement. If you’ve been able to master Spanish, you will feel amazing! You’ll feel proud of your success and you’ll know right away that you can do anything you put your mind to.

    This will keep you inspired and motivated to continue striving for betterment in your life.

    Finding New Friends

    When you’re unable to communicate with everyone you see, you are truly limited in the number of friends you can make. You may miss the opportunity to meet someone new and interesting. After you’ve mastered the language, you will immediately begin speaking with new colleagues. You’ll learn about new cultures, which building a bigger network. This may prove to be beneficial for your personal life, as well as your professional life!


    At the end of the day, there are numerous reasons to try to learn a new language. Doing so will help to ensure you can earn more money. You’ll also be able to find new friends and job opportunities. Whether you want to further your career, improve your personal life, or travel abroad, learning Spanish will prove to be a wise decision.

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  • The Best Online Degrees Money Can Buy

    The Best Online Degrees Money Can Buy

    Someone recently asked, “how much does a college degree cost?” and the answer was unbelievably high.  For years, regular people have been trying to find any way they could to make the cost of college cheaper.  One way that many have been doing that is to seek out online colleges – and, some of them are very good.

    As a matter of fact, one of the best online degrees you can get right now will cost you $50 per class – not per credit hour – per class. For instance, check out MOOCs, or one of the moocsvsonlineccourse provider, edX, and you can take as many classes as you want for absolutely NOTHING!  But, to get the college credits for those classes, the schools ask you to pay $50 for the class after you pass the test. On top of that, all the schools in the MOOC programs are famous, well known, top-rated schools in the world.

    You can study French at the top university in France for free and pay the $50 for each class after you pass your test. You can study engineering at MIT for free and after you pass your test in each class, pay that same amount of money for the credits. What’s more, every single college and university is accredited and internationally recognized. And the best part is even the top multi-national employers accept these college class credits as valid.

    The Easy way of doing things

    There is another option if you are too impatient to do the work. You can buy a degree online.  There are some online colleges that sell you a degree without you lifting a finger or taking the time to take one single class. These are often referred to as “diploma mills”.  The question you must ask yourself, though, is whether or not it’s worth it to miss out on the education you could have to make that purchase.

    You should know that if you use that kind of degree and then later want to attend a real college when you do have the time, money or energy, there is a fairly good chance that whatever school you apply to will turn you down. Just because you don’t list the college on your college application does not mean that it will not show up when the college does a background search of your credit and education. It does.

    Let’s Discuss Fake Degrees

    There are tons of pages that show up online whenever you Google “fake degrees” or “fake bbcdiplomas”.  Some of these offer to let you download a template, fill it in and print your own degree for free.  And then there are some of those sites that offer to let you buy a fake degree and all kinds of accompanying documentation to go with it.

    They offer you a “transcript record” that will claim you took whatever classes are required to obtain the degree you claim you have. They also state that they have a verification department that you buy to answer the phone and tell anyone doing a background check that you did take the classes and did graduate from the school. Some of those claims are just as false as the degrees they print for you.

    Granted, buying one a fake diploma is the cheapest online college degree you’ll ever find anywhere. But, there are places you don’t want to use it … ever!  Never use a fake degree on your real college application – whether to enter as an undergraduate or to enter one of the master’s programs.

    You also never want to use a fake college degree to get a job with a large to multi-national company. These corporations have third parties doing their background checks and they do a very thorough job. These third parties know every college in the country and international colleges, as well.

    When they enter your information into their computers, they’ll get a red flag if any of the fake colleges or universities pop-up. Legitimate colleges are cross-referenced with the courses that are offered there, the names of the professors going back more than 20 years, the names of the department heads and what campus each course if offered at.

    Add to all this, these third party investigation computers know every class ever offered online, for how long and who taught it. With the click of their mouse, they can find out if every bit of information you put on your application is legitimate or full of poop.

    Fake high school diplomas and fake college degrees are not illegal as long as they are used for novelty purposes such as something to hang on your wall for decoration or to give as a gift to a loved one who swears that you’ll never make anything of yourself.  You can use them for bragging rights when you’re feeling inferior, if you want. Otherwise, you should think of the consequences of presenting a fake certificate in order to get a job.  But, one thing is sure: a fake degree is the best online degree money can buy.














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  • What to Study to Become a Billionaire?


    You may be studying abroad in order meet pretty girls (or attractive guys), travel the world, or just get away from nagging parents. But for some students, the lure of leaving China and going out west is about making a few million (or even billion) dollars. Even though China has its own growth and booming industries, many locals feel that it is hard to create wealth of make money without having experience or a large base of capital to start.

    On the other hand, students often here stories about people in North America striking it rich with just a shovel or more recently a laptop. The gold rush in the 1800′s gave way to the dot.com boom of the 1990′s and 2000′s.  While much of the noise around entrepreneurship and engineering came from the United States, there are a wide variety of several successful startups here in Canada as well.

    No matter what type of startup you’re thinking about joining (or starting), the one similar thing about all of them is the need for an engineering degree and a technical background.

    The below infographic features some of the most successful (and wealthy) entrepreneurs of the last decade – and the one thing they have in common is that they all work for or started tech companies.

    The best way to develop the skillset needed to land a job at one of these fast-growing businesses is to study engineering.
    Canada features some of the top engineering universities in the world, including Waterloo University, University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, and the University of Alberta.

    If you’re lucky enough to be studying at one of these schools (and are interested in making the big bucks), you’d be well advised to pick up a technical degree like electrical engineering, computer science, information systems, or even applied mathematics or physics.
    The next best option here seems to be studying finance or business.  Many of the top earners on the below list have undergraduate or masters degrees in business administration.
    Well, you’re in luck here also – because Canada also features some of the world’s best business schools including the Queen’s School of Business, the Schulich School of Business, and The Richard Ivey School of Business at The University of Western Ontario.

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  • Phlebotomist Career: Why China Needs to Hire Chinese Speaking Phlebotomists


    Choosing a job as a phlebotomist is just the first step to a new and exciting career that can take you all over the world. This career has become incredibly popular as it opens up a wide variety of different opportunities. Although there are phlebotomists in every country, China needs to employ more Chinese speaking phlebotomists.

    Learning Chinese to Further Your Career

    Chinese has become the language that everyone wants to learn, and over 60% of people from all over the world feel that speaking Chinese is beneficial. Whether you want to travel, learn more about the culture, or want a career in China, learning Chinese is essential. You will soon discover that there are many job opportunities in China if you speak the language.


    Benefits of Becoming a Phlebotomist

    Being a phlebotomist is incredibly rewarding, and there are several benefits to choosing this as your career. You will not only get to meet new people every day, but you will have the opportunity to travel around the world. Mobile phlebotomists are sought after, and if you can speak more than one language you will discover the world becomes far easier to explore.
    Alongside exciting opportunities, you will also discover that the wages for a phlebotomist are also extremely good. The annual wage for phlebotomists is above average, and depending on where you are in the world, it can provide a comfortable salary. Money isn’t everything, but when choosing your career it is an area that you need to consider.

    China is the Ultimate Place to Work

    China continues to thrive and be an incredible place to live and work, and they need more Chinese speaking phlebotomists. Therefore, if you have the qualifications, and are already a phlebotomist, learning Chinese will be your next step. China continues to grow, and are now considered to be the second largest economy in the world.
    Health care systems are excellent in China, opening up a whole new world for bi lingual phlebotomists. You can travel to different parts of the country and be a mobile phlebotomist regardless of your qualifications. As Chinese becomes the fastest growing language to be taught all over the world, your career opportunities just got better.


    More Foreigners Living in China

    Although there are a huge amount of English speaking people living and working in China, you will need to speak Chinese to be offered a job as a phlebotomist. China needs more qualified phlebotomists in their hospitals and clinics to ensure that the local people feel comfortable. The process of having blood taken can be daunting; therefore, being understood in your own language is essential.
    Chinese people are private people, and tend to only go to the health clinic r hospital when they really have to. Therefore, the experience needs to be as pleasant as you can make it, and speaking the language will really help. Learning Chinese and getting a job in China as a phlebotomist may just be the boost in your career that you need.